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Fire damage especially devastates the home and business. The property suffers from smoke and fire damage as the fire trucks stop the fire. There are specialized fire and water damage restoration professionals who help to restore quickly and clean up the home to pre-fire situation. They remove the deep clean soot and pervasive smoking odor from the carpet, furniture and upholstery. It involves five steps to restore the living space completely. Here, listing them in detail.

Emergency Contact: Once the client makes an emergency call, the service provider would ask certain questions about the fire damage situation. It helps them to bring appropriate materials and resources to the spot.

Inspection: The professionals would thoroughly inspect the entire house or the building to find the extent of soot, fire, and smoke damage. This is one of the critical processes in deciding the plan of action.

Immediate roof tarp and board up service: The professionals ensure to protect further damage and maintain security by placing tarps and boards on missing walls, windows, and the damaged roofs. Fire damage would first affect the roofs, windows, and walls.

Soot and smoke removal: The professionals use special techniques and equipments to remove soot and smoke from walls, ceilings, and other major surfaces.

Restoration: Restoration will involve cleaning, sanitizing and minor repairs that help to bring the home back to pre-fire condition.[landing_block type="cta_buttons"]

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